Psoriasis Serum

dermalmd 1003 DermalMD’s Psoriasis Serum and Cream can alleviate symptoms by fighting the causes of psoriasis—dry skin and inflammation. All Natural ingredients.
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$47.00 01-01-2029

The painful plaques and other symptoms of psoriasis can interfere with one's daily life in a multitude of ways. Although there is no cure for this uncomfortable disease, DermalMD's Psoriasis Serum can alleviate symptoms by fighting the causes of psoriasis and dry skin and inflammation.

There are a variety of benefits of trying this Psoriasis Serum. These include:

  1. Softening plaques, and reducing their size and severity over time
  2. Moisturizing irritated and dry skin
  3. Reducing irritation and redness
  4. Preventing the growth of excessively dry skin
  5. Preventing redness, scaling, and other signs of irritation
  6. Gently exfoliate skin that is scaly or thickened
  7. Reducing the discomfort and pain associated with psoriasis

What are the benefits of DermalMD's Psoriasis Serum? Firstly, it absorbs quickly and is not greasy, unlike many moisturizers used in psoriasis therapy. Secondly, it is completely natural and works with skin rather than acting upon it, encouraging skin to develop a natural biochemical profile that reduces inflammation and even slows aging. Lastly, the natural vegetable-based oils in this serum have been found to be effective for dry skin, have antioxidant effects, and even have anti-bacterial qualities.

How can a serum have such a dramatic effect? The secret lies in the very cause of psoriasis. Psoriasis is inflammation that leads to dryness, followed by pustules and/or plaques. Stopping the inflammation and treating the dryness will hence result in partial or total relief from symptoms. This is exactly what Dermal MD's Psoriasis Relief does for the red and inflamed skin of psoriasis.

DermalMD's Psoriasis Serum will soak down to the deepest layers of skin and reduce chemicals that are causing inflammation. In addition, the added moisture of the serum will moisturize and soothe the skin. Special proprietary plant compounds then will gently exfoliate while preventing thickening and scaling. These benefits combined are the reason that so many psoriasis sufferers are choosing this Psoriasis Serum to treat their psoriasis.

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